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Delivery Teams

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These are the projects I maintain alive, wether Active or Inactive.

Some of the projects I developed were way ahead of their proper time; as a consequence I had an impossible time finding support and funding for them. That gave way to other companies to take the lead in fields where I should have led. But such is life, or so I've been told.

Nonetheless, as a developer I am unable to stop developing something new. So here are my major projects.

Delivery Teams

Cloud Computing


Delivery Teams is a cloud computing, complex system that works, originated from a simple system that worked.
It allows the seamless integration of Restaurateur Pro POS with real-time online orders; optionally, it can simultanously signal the local Delivery Team to deliver the orders, in those instances when the restaurant does not magane their own delivery. It's workflow is as described below:

Way ahead of it's proper time, this project was developed in 1992.
In it's original design, the "server" side of the project was written in Clipper by my friend and great programmer Francisco Fernández who worked for Telefónica de España, and operated over a Novell® network. The setup allowed for as many stations as phone lines were contracted, those stations been manned by trained phone receptionists who typed the orders into the system's pool.
The "pool" of received orders was scanned every 15 seconds; if an order was found, the delivery address recognized, the "server" called the appropiate shop using 2400bps modems, and the order was "NetMailed" to and processed by the receiving store.

It was a simple system that worked!

In its current version, 32 years later, it is a decentralized, cryptographically secured, RESTful Web Service.

By appying the latest available technologies, - the Web evolves continuously and so has cryptography - the simple system that worked became a complex sytem that works.

Origin of Delivery Teams project
While working as a mid-level manager for a fast food chain in the Isle of Mallorca named Chippy's, I suggested the owner to organize a central call center where orders for delivery could be placed and then distributed to the appropiate shop - 17 at that time - depending on the caller's address. That man was a visionary and quickly accepted my plan.

Take note of the fact that while the Internet existed by 1992 few people outside of academic circles had even heard about it.

I was inspired by FidoNet's 'NetMail' technology to develop our own routines to submit the orders to the corresponding shop, taking about 30 - 45 seconds for the process to complete.
Unless proven wrong, at the time of it's launch this product was the first system of its class in the World.
This happened 12 years before the launch of grubhub.
This project marked a milestone in my life as a developer, remaining the philosophical muse of both Restaurateur Pro and Delivery Teams.
UPDATE: This service is now active as of Aug. 27th 2021. It will be in production as soon as a new, inter-operable REST API is completed.

Restaurateur Pro

Extracted from 2005 brochure

Cloud Computing


Restaurateur Pro is a rich, full-featured POS System designed and programmed from scratch specifically for restaurants.
It was custom made for Omia's Restaurant in Sterling, VA in 1999.
It features, in addition to all the major capabilities of any other POS System ever designed for restaurants, the Online Orders module allowing the POS to receive and process orders originated in the web the same way as if the orders were typed in locally.
Should I ever decide to market this product again, it will be in the form of a RESTful Web Service.

UPDATE: This service is now active as of Aug. 27th 2021. It will be in production as soon as a new, inter-operable REST API is completed.

  • "A man of humanity is one who, in seeking to establish himself, finds a foothold for others and who, in desiring attaining himself, helps others to attain."

    In Development
    Cloud Computing

    Description is a platform created to generate and execute online raffles, sweepstakes, and bingo games; it can be used by businesses and by nonprofits entities alike, in a very cost efficient fashion.

    Business owners looking to atract, increase, and engage their customers have a powerful tool at their disposal.

    Not-for-profit groups have the potential of maximizing their fundraising efforts. These groups include, but are not limited to:

    • Athletic Clubs
    • Schools
    • Fire departments
    • Charity campaigns
    • and more!

    So stay tuned and check back soon, this is looking more and more exciting by the day.

    Cloud Computing

    Description is a free for all entertainment webApp featuring bingo games based on real life bingo games.

    • American bingo
    • European bingo
    • Lotería tradicional Mejicana

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