Hosting in a private cloud

On a High Performance Linux Server

  • Self Managed / Managed Wordpress Site
  • With Security Certificate (SSL)
  • Up to 10 Email addresses
  • Mysql or MariaDB database
  • Powered by Nginx & PHP on Debian or Ubuntu servers
  • Multi-layered Firewall protection
  • No bulk hosting. Private, limited to select clients.

Why Wordpress?

One good reason is the fact that you can build your web presence just the way you want, with thousands of plugins to add features to your website to make it not only great looking but functional and productive.
See also: Comparing Wordpress vs Wix.

Other good reason is the fact that Wordpress is the only Content Management System (CMS) for which I can provide meaninful, effective assistance.
See also: Infographic comparison of top CMS.

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