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Hi, my name is Delfin 'Del' Rosales, Chef, Programmer, and Web Developer.
I march to the beat of my own drum, and dance to the sound of my own music.

Since 1996 I have been a Web Developer specializing in Database Integration into the World Wide Web and real time E-commerce Applications.

Empowered by

Calumet "K"

by Samuel Merwin, Henry Kitchell Webster (1901)

"In order to defeat a Chicago combine who want to corner the wheat market, a group of grain dealers must construct a million-bushel grain elevator with river access by the end of the year. But with only two months to go, only the foundation has been laid. Enter troubleshooter and super-engineer Charlie Bannon. With the assistance of a tough foreman, a carpenter, and a pretty lady bookkeeper, Bannon begins to do battle against the foes of progress: a railway that doesn't want construction materials carried across its tracks, a corrupt union representative intent on starting a strike, and the human emotions of the workers themselves. Will the team be able to raise the building and get the steam-powered loaders running in time?"

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    One thought

    "Life consists of problems to be solved and therefore learning to solve problems means learning to live."

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